Nutritious Meal to Underprivileged Children in 19 locations of India

One of their well known program is “Nutritious Meal Program”. Over 21,000 children living in slums and struggling to get a square meal are being provided nutritious meal every day throughout the year without a day’s break in about 19 locations of India.

Children are given ID Cards and coupons to ensure that the food reaches only them and not others in the slums. One can see and witness the beautiful scene of the children enjoying the tasty breakfast cooked, delivered and served by professional caterers. Between 7.30 A.M. – 8.30 A.M. The breakfast is provided all 365 days without a day’s break in 19 locations in India.

SHAPE  (School Health Awareness Promotion & Education)

SHAPE is program made especially for the government schools with the objective for all round development of children coming from poor family background. The program SHAPE has been since 2005 and will be a continuing program.

The main objective is to

a. Promote awareness among school children.
b. To make education more joyful and participatory.
c. To bring out down dropout rate in government schools.

In this program Manav Charities provides 1,00,000 note books, 1,000 uniforms, 1000 schools bags, 500 pairs of shoes with socks to the deserving children.

Career Guidance Program for Students

College students studying for different courses with a fond hope of making their choice CAREER, need constantly to upgrade their skills to stay ahead of the competition. To ensure that the youth are able secure employment in desired levels, in order to enhance self esteem, improving total personality and empowering for accepting challenging assignments smilingly and executing them smartly.

PIA Child Care Centre

PIA Child Care Centre is an another dimension of the MANAV CHARITIES in extending its support and care to the children of employed who require the support of Child Care Centre. One such a centre was started by the organization in co-ordination with Peenya Industrial Association in Peenya Industrial Estate, Bangalore, to cater the needs of those employees who suffer from looking after their children in the absence of themselves from home.

The Child Care Centre takes up the care of the children between the age group of 1 to 4 of the parents of nearby area. The Centre provides all the facilities like indoor play equipment, educational play kits, Learning material, display of toys, charts, garden environment, qualified & trained teachers, aaya, security, Doctor visit, fire point, pantry, child record, parent counselling, health information & check up , first aid, etc.

MANAV Vidhya Kendra

The Organization started an Informal School in Jaibhuvaneshwari Nagar Slum, mainly for the children under the banner of MANAV Vidya Kendra fully sponsored by the MANAV CHARITIES during the year 2011.The children are being encouraged to learn Kannada letters, besides English, so that they could be able to promote to the formal schools run by Govt. of Karnataka.

These children are provided with school uniforms, Shoes & Socks, Books & Note Books, ID Cards & Nutritious Food Supplement. Since these children are poorest of the poor are, therefore, provided also with clothes to wear daily. These children cover from daily wage labours, like construction workers, casual workers, snake charmers etc.

Road Safety Program

Road safety is emerging as a major social concern in the country. The statistics are mind boggling with an average mortality rate of 100,000 persons dying in road accidents. The reason for this is undoubtedly the negligence of vehicle owners themselves and those who drive the vehicles. The traffic violation has become a way of life. Motor Cyclists do not want to wear helmet and drive. Car Owners do not want to wear seat belts and drive. No vehicle owners have patience to wait for the green light to flash in the signal. Overtaking on the left side, jumping the signals, talking over the mobile phone and driving, is a regular scene on the roads.

About 14 deaths are taking place every hour. With the help of local NGO Partners, Manav Charities is aiming to bring down the accidents that are taking place in this country.

Communal Harmony Program

Harmony is natural, disharmony is man-made. There is cosmic harmony in the universe and organic harmony in a living body. When this harmony gets disturbed in a body, it becomes sick and when natural or ecological harmony is broken, it leads to disasters”. Manav Charities believes in rising up a higher mountain of communal awareness across the society. We believe in providing the solution to the coexistence of mankind to live in harmony through supreme wisdom of attending to human needs than getting involved in political controversy / image pinnacle.

To train people across all the different communities, from all age groups of YOUTH, WOMEN AND MEN. Manav Charities are establishing “Harmony Clubs” in the colleges, to unify in building a HARMONY OF PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE IN LOVE, PASSION, DISCIPLINE and TRUTH AND RIGHTEOUSNESS.

SEAM (Skill Training for Employment in Apparel Manufacturing)

To train and place ‘Below Poverty Line (BPL)’ youth belonging to rural areas in the apparel industry. Keeping in view the local requirement and the changing work environment, the MANAV CHARITIES decided to provide skill training for employment for both men and women in apparel manufacturing.

Community Health Program

Manav Charities has reached out to the community with many community health programs to provide community care to the poorest of the poor .It has been carrying out various community health activities such as mother and child health programs reproductive and child health programs, activities towards promotion of universal immunization including Pulse polio, nutrition education ,nutrition prophylaxis program ,school health programs, health, education, awareness and programs towards STD’s and HIV\AIDS prevention are some of them.

Other Programs

We have conducted successfully several other programs i.e, Self Help Groups for women, Entrepreneur development programs, Child Care Development, Environment, Income Generating, Self Employment, Health & Hygienic, Aid Awareness, Non-formal Education, Leadership Training that has unfolded the hidden talents & hidden potentials of all the beneficiaries, who have approached field workers/volunteers guided by trustees who are a set of talented visionaries, as such all our programs & activities are carefully analysed before implementation & are targeted for time bound results.